Shared Drive in the Cloud

Your business is expanding- you have more staff, more contract workers, more locations and more people telecommuting. If you frequently need to share files with associates or customers, you have probably experienced the frustration caused by email system restrictions. Sending files, especially larger files, via email is an unreliable method of file sharing that poses security risks. Files can inadvertently be forwarded to, or received by, individuals who should not have access.

Files that are too large, or are of an unacceptable type for a particular email system, are returned as undeliverable. The files could simply vanish, wasting your time and your client's time. This could cost you dearly in terms of lost business. The solution to these potential file sharing hazards is to use a purpose-built online file sharing software that can act as a shared drive

Same-Page's eStudio suite includes online file sharing designed to enable users to share files of any size and type. You can view and edit the files online and easily transmit them to another user. Same-Page eStudio has a built in a four-tiered online file sharing work flow system. Sign out files, build a comment thread, mark a file for review and set a version as final all with a browser. Administrators can set up multiple levels of user access to the file folders.

The online shared drive / file sharing software can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. In addition to online file sharing, the suite includes web-based project management, online calendars, contact management, discussion and chat boards everything your business needs to enable your employees to communicate effectively. All equipment and software is managed and updated by our expert IT staff. In minutes you can have the eStudio online file sharing software working your company starting for only $39 per month. Sign up for a free 30 day trial now.