eStudio Discussion Board

How can Discussion Board software get everyone in your business on the same page? By using the power of your network to establish topics and post responses that appear in user communities with structured, hierarchical threads. eStudio discussion board software establishes a permanent history of conversations among all registered users in your communities. Our software allows administration control over every aspect of user participation. Our tool is indispensable for community building, knowledge base construction, brainstorming and other collaborative efforts.

Easy-to-Use Rich Text Editor Easily create new topics and responses. Sort, expand, and collapse topics for easy reading. Embed movies, flash, html links right into the message.
Wiki Style Topics Let a group of users co-author a topic wiki-style.
Dynamic Content View as List or Thread - replies indicate the specific comment to which they are directed.
Secure Search Search any community forum by title or keyword so you can immediately access a selected message.
SMS / Email Notification Get Text messages or emails when there is a comment additions, changes to a forum topic or when a new forum is created.

Versatile Discussion Board Software

Estudio easily allow you to create an unlimited number of discussion threads for your entire organization. Establish forums topics to generate feedback and new ideas from your users. Moderate and secure your discussions - no wacko unrelated comments or adding spam. eStudio is easy to manage and your community can grow at no charge - register as many users as you want! eStudio's powerful collaboration tools let users search for a particular discussion thread by title or key word. Everybody stays up to date by subscribing to a thread and get email/SMS updates.

Easy-To-Use and Affordable Discussion Boards Software

Simplicity, speed and quick set up, our eStudio discussion software makes it possible for your teams to facilitate discussions, and hold conversations online. The discussion board software lets you create online forums that foster interaction between employees and customers.

Discussion Board Software Pricing

Never pay a fee for discussion board software licenses again! With eStudio ALL¹ users are free! Pay just $39 per month for a base eStudio subscription. As part of the eStudio's online collaboration suite, eStudio's Discussion Board software is readily available from anywhere using a simple web browser. Sign up right now to bring the power of message board software to your business information. Did we mention - No credit card required - Free 30 day trial - Free training. Read more about using Message Board software today!