On Project Management

Sam G:
"Same-Page rocks. The Project Management animated tutorials made it easy to get started. Navigation layout is simple and we love how we can enter our task data right after we login."
Serita B:
"The Supervisor reports give me a clear representations of how my staff is operating. I can quickly assign other resources to assist in task management. The new eTeams feature makes notifying my staff and clients a snap."
Dawn W:
"Creating repetitive tasks by Milestones makes so much sense! The "Cloning Milestones" feature means that organizing the next newsletter takes me 1 minute to setup."
Dale Crowley, Waldo County EMA:
"EStudio has been the best online tool for coordinating emergency response plans, resource lists and training schedules for the public safety and emergency management departments within our County and within our 26 municipalities. It has been so successful, that we have recently established a secondary EStudio to include all 16 county emergency management agencies within the State of Maine."
Brian Moore, Content development :
"Content development - authoring and publishing marketing content for a world wide clientele. eStudio filled our need to combine CRM, Project Management and Billing functions in a common platform."

On Document Management

Tina C:
"I think the review and approval function is great. Plus its easy to search for documents. Having our work files online means everybody is on the same page. I can tell that you listen to your customers. I notice that you are always adding features. Can I suggest..."
John W:
"Kudos on the new WorkSpace. The upgrade to the tree directory made sense. Being able to restrict access to folders by eTeams is a nice touch. By the way, your help desk people know the product."
Bill M:
"For a dispersed work group like us (offices in Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Houston) acceptance of the new system has been unbelievably high! Engineers and procurement sharing information."
Mara, Archipelago Learning:
"We're able to have a place where our off-site employees are able to access key documents and share their calendars."
Alan Parker, OneSteel Pty Ltd, Integrated Steel Manufacturing:
"We chose e-studio to assist us in managing a major SAP implementation. This involved resources from within and outside of the company, across the whole of Australia and from several locations in India. The ability to freely share documents and ensure approval/review processes was invaluable. Having a single storage location reduced the level of confusion inherent in any such project. The issue and milestone tracking was good - it certainly helped overcome the time differences and promoted a smooth flow of work. We're maintaining the e-studio now for further projects that involve external resources and as a repository. Being able to take a snapshot of the document store has been re-assuring."
Steve Fromage, SGM Management & Design Ltd (Architectural design):
"We have been using eStudio for 5 years. Our team gained clarity and transparency on document management using workspace. It real does help us save time and avoiding confusion."

On Calendar

Lucinda B:
"Thanks for relieving our scheduling headache. Better than Advil! We use the team events for facility scheduling and the personal calendars for booking time within our workgroup. I no longer need that big white marker board in my scheduling office. It 's now online 24/7."
Chris T:
"Those Supervisor Reports really help me do my job. I can look at facilities, public event and individual user's schedules in one easy to read report."
Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO, Stewart Cooper & Coon:
"We are an executive placement and recruiting firm. We use eStudio exclusively and have for six years. Not only do we use the calendar system, we utilize it for training, document management and payment management to track when payments are due. We began to use E-Studio because we wanted a calendaring system the could be accessed by all of our contractors virtually to better manage the work flow and improve communication among our team members. Their customer service is as good as it gets in any company I have every dealt with, period."
Becky Thomason, Generations Group
"Generations is a residential program located in upstate SC to help teen boys with sexual behavior problems turn their lives around. Established in 1991, Generations has served over 700 boys and their families to date with a 98% success rate. The Same-Page eStudio calendar serves as "communication central" for our administrative , professional, and support staff. Dealing with near crippling budget cuts as most non-profits are doing these days, our 80+ employees rely heavily on eStudio to stay current with events, meetings, and keep up with ever-changing schedules. After three years using the eStudio calendar, it continues to be the most cost-effective and user-friendly option on the market. The intuitive design and multiple features make it an easy application for new staff to learn. eStudio allows us to add an event, notify attendees, and send email reminders in seconds, keeping us focused on our mission to turn troubled boys into successful and caring young men."
Brenda Walenton, Family and Child Learning Center
"We are a federally funded program that administers Head Start. We have staff that are on the road a lot and this program is great to keep everyone informed of where we all are without having to come into the office. "
Susan Racette, Learning A-Z (Educational publishing):
"We develop web sites for online curriculum resources for K-5 grades. Estudio has worked great for us as a team that is spread out across the country to share documents, team information, and most importantly, manage events and schedules. "

On Contact Management

Jeff K:
"With all of our sales staff on the road the new Scheduler feature sure makes it easy to set appointments. The ability to store a Customer's contact information makes easy to give directions when they get lost going to the customer."
Bob B:
"As a Business Contact Manager this eStudio 6 is great. I get easy import / export, I can lock folders so only certain people can see and store notes about the contact."

About eStudio in General

Allen W, Software Developer:
"We didn't have to install any software, or buy equipment, we just gave the users the URL, and they had access."
Todd L, CFO:
"eStudio allows us to collaborate regardless of our location."
Jeff F, VP of Business Development:
"We have gained many efficiencies since signing up with eStudio."
Rich R, Government Administrator:
"This suite has been the quickest and most productive project startup that I have had in years. Bringing a diverse user community together can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. However, this product and its' underlying framework and practices makes collaboration and creating the desired workproduct seamless and intuitive. It only goes to prove a basic principle of product design - that its' elegance is in its' simplicity of use."
Kevin S, Marketing Manager:
"I manage a publication project with contributors in the U.S. and Asia. Using the eStudio has really streamlined our collaborative process. And the technical staff has been incredibly responsive to our unique multilingual needs. Very impressive... thank you, Same-Page!"
Marty Z, State Administrator:
"I was surprised at how affordable on-line project tracking could be. When we added it all up there was no comparison to your competitors. Estudio offered the most features and great support. Hands down winner - most bang for the buck."
Mark R, Sales Consultant:
"Almost overnight, we began using your multi-user calendar and workspace as a way for our consultants to collaborate both with clients and each other."
M Ochs, Designer:
"eStudio is a designer's pleasure. I am so much better organized now. I love using Same-Page [eStudios] and so do my clients."
Richard L, Concert Promoter:
"I am a long time user of your eStudio package. You have always provided superior customer service and constant improvement of the product. I especially love the new calendar tools and presentation capabilities. I wouldn't be without my eStudio, please keep up the good work."
John Wayne Barker, Merrick, Inc.:
"Provide vocational support and life enrichment therapies to over 350 adults with a developmental disability. We value having a collaborative site separate from our own network to increase confidentiality and security. We all feel that the SAME-PAGE software is both user-friendly and a good value for the monthly fee."
Greg Smith, Smart Click Realty:
"We use the system as an intranet for our business. The more we use it the more we like it."