Frequently Asked Questions About Same-page eStudio

- eStudio gives business professionals the ability to upload/download work files with a familiar Windows Explorer style folder directory. Folders can be restricted so that only certain users can access the files inside a folder. Choose from a simple upload or advanced upload, notify users by email, send for review and then mark as approved. Uses can even upload large files from CAD programs, video clips and excel. Just about any type of file you can create you can share with your co-workers. Your colleagues can add comments about files that have been uploaded to your eStudio. Digital file management could not be easier.

- eStudio provides calendar software that includes individual user calendars and a team calendar to schedule appointments, facilities, record important "due dates" and tell your co-workers about important events. All information is presented securely. Events are available in a Day, Week or Month view. Supervisor Reports on events can be sorted by team member, date and category. Get everybody on the same page for those important meetings.

- eStudio's Project Management system enhances your team's ability to keep track of tasks, resources, issues, and budgets. Use eStudio's supervisor features to provide clear analysis regarding task and issue status and to generate concise worklog reports. Our web based project management program can be operated by any member of your team, no matter what their prior computer skills. eStudio's project management software will help your company coordinate its efforts and run better than ever before.

- eStudio's contact manager puts all of your addresses, phone, cell and fax numbers in an easy to find location. Our Contact Manager uses a familiar Windows Explorer style folder directory. Folders can be restricted so that only certain users can access the contacts inside a folder. Just click on a worker's e-mail address to send them a message. Create or import contact lists for vendors, clients and other important information. It's simple, easy and secure.

- eStudio users have the ability to comment on every file in every section of the studio. Users can follow the evolution of the project with real clarity. Workroom comments can be limited to viewing by specific users and can be sent to both the CLIENT area and the FINALS when you so choose.

- eStudio provides users with an easy to use Live Chat program. Just login, click on CollabTools tab, click on Live Chat and a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to have real-time access to other members that are in your eStudio. Discuss various aspects of your work accurately and get down to business. Your eStudio also includes an unlimited number of threaded message boards. Use this feature to start a discussion about issues that are not related to a specific file.

- eStudio provides you with ultimate administrative power. Set permissions to access various areas for each individual user. Behind our advanced password protection your project details are secured, safe from prying eyes. Set-up is so easy that you can be up and running in as little as five minutes. Add a user, grant and define user permission, with just a few mouse clicks. Customize the look; add your logo or banner and update general messages for your business. Now you can really manage your projects.

- eStudio has built in help for both administration and users. Written in easy to understand language, the Support Center will increase the productivity of all members of your team. Of course if you have a question you can also contact us by phone at 1-877-765-2655 or e-mail for prompt one-to-one service.

- Display the eStudio login form on your own web site. Just copy and paste the eStudio login form to a page on your site you're ready to go. You can choose color schemes and brand your eStudio with your logo.. If you don't have your own site then you can go directly to our login screen by bookmarking .

- eStudio 7 costs $59 for a one month subscription or a three-month subscription for $149. SAME-PAGE eSTUDIO allows an unlimited¹ number of unique users to access a private studio space with a turnkey project management system. Up to 500MB of storage is available to studio subscribers. There are also four other versions of the product. Bandwidth allocation per project is based upon 1 GB per month.

- You control adding users and giving passwords. It is possible to give specific permission to each user that accesses your eStudio. You may have as many users as you wish, there is never a per user charge. It is suggested that each user has a separate user name and password. This allows you to specifically create calendar events, manage tasks, track comments and uploads for each user.

You can modify your eStudio look. From the administration area click on Customize your Color Scheme to select the style and color palette for your eStudio. Additionally you can add your banner, name your eStudio and add greeting text.

Same-Page will be regularly adding new features to the eStudio online office. If you have any special requests for additional features click here to send us an email.

Have a question? Send us a message or call us at 1-877-765-2655.