Free Training

When you sign up for eStudio you can call us at 1-877-765-2655 8AM to 8PM EST and speak with a customer service representative. Together you can determine which eStudio features need to be presented to your users and how best to deploy the software. staff will create a WEBINAR to help you populate your eStudio with content so that when users log in your eStudio already has some files, tasks, events and contacts ready and available.

If you are a self-starter when you sign up for the free trial you will receive some helpful emails. If you prefer to navigate eStudio alone there is an ample contextual HELP area that includes FAQs and Flash based TUTORIALS movies that will help you understand the full capabilities of our online office collaborative software.

The staff at Same-Page has been helping people get the most out of eStudio by giving individual and group training sessions for more than 10 years. Training is FREE and you can call as often as you need for additional SUPPORT. It usually only takes a few minutes to understand how to shape eStudio to conform to your business process and requirements.