Pricing Comparison

Large enterprises often invest millions of dollars to create intranet environments for their global collaboration needs. believes that small and medium sized businesses deserve an opportunity to use the same tools in order to compete on a level playing field. Since eStudio is Software as a Service you pay as you go with no contract to sign. eStudio products are completely scalable and are designed to grow with your business. Your business does not need to make a long-term cash commitment for software. eStudio is completely scalable and is designed to grow with your business.

2011 Monthly Pricing Schedule

Product eStudio Compare to our Competitors
QuickBase Weboffice Liquid Planner
eStudio 7 $ 59 $ 299 $ 54* $35 per user
eStudio Pro $ 99 $ 10 per user $ 629*  
eStudio eXtreme $ 499 N/A $ 2250*  
*Limits the number of users

We suggest that you start with eStudio 7. When your business needs more power trade up to eStudio Pro or eStudio Plus and get more storage, more projects and more FTP spaces. If storage, privacy and security is of paramount concern eStudio eXtreme can be configured with SSL certificates and isolated hard drives to fit all your needs. To receive a complete list of all prices please contact us.

You have seen the power and productivity of eStudio. You have seen our affordable pricing structure and we've demonstrated our pricing advantages over competitors, sign up for a free 30 day trial of eStudio!