eStudio 7

Do you need to get your employees working together efficiently? Are you seeking better ways to handle scheduling, file sharing or project management? eStudio 7 is Same-Page's simple solution that works for all kinds of businesses! There is no software to install and eStudio 7 works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers. eStudio 7 cost $59 per month and includes 500 MB of group file storage, 4 FTP with 200 MB of storage, 3 project modules and an unlimited amount of users!

Select from our scheduling calendar, contact manager, file sharing, discussion boards, project management software and deploy your customized solution in less than 2 minutes. eStudio 7 is the perfect intranet or shared drive alternative for small and medium business with a minimal impact on your budget. Fast, Flexible, Affordable, eStudio 7 levels the playing field allowing you to compete for new business opportunity and increase communications within your workforce. Get started now, there is no contractual obligation, registration is easy and requires no credit card!