Same Page -- Web Calendar

Same Page software offers to users the ability to centrally manage schedules, documents and projects via the internet and this advanced software has shown to be very effective for companies with multiple offices, agencies, along with companies that have staff members who work from home. The software is scalable which means that it can grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of your company. With the eStudio web calendar, users are able to keep track of their tasks, appointments, events and meetings with ease and at the same time, the web calendar will notify users by sending reminders of events and activities by emails notifications. Managers can utilize the web calendar to create reports and at the same time the web calendar will allow them to check on the availability of staff members. Thanks to the innovative online web calendar, the task of scheduling staff has become a simple and process and via the Same Page website,, online users will be able to view a screenshot of the web calendar.

Advanced features of the web calendar include exporting of personal and group events, five calendar views, an advanced shift scheduling tools, the ability to run supervisory reports as and when needed, as well as centralized time zones according to users. The web calendar allows for the scheduling of anything, from facilities to resources, service calls and even group activities and the one-of-a-kind filtering system which has a built in feature of the web calendar will allow for the filtering of calendar events, by way of group and personal events. Since the web calendar is a totally integrated, web-based software, users can schedule online meetings and they can easily access the web calendar from any computer or smart phone with a browser. The feature rich web calendar allows for the automatic sending of emails, alerts, reminders and RSVPs. For online browsers who are keen to enjoy the features of the web calendar, they can sign up for a free 30 day trial via our website. For a monthly fee of just $50.00 for the eStudio subscription, the need to pay Calendar Software license again has been totally eliminated.

In addition to the practical and useful web calendar, the Same Page software is an all-inclusive business productivity suite of software and as such, it offers a project management or task manager tool, document management, and contact management. With the easy to use software your business will be given the ability to centrally manage schedules via a web calendar. Take control of all your projects and manage those documents. Feel free to view the Same Page website or take a tour of the features which are offered by this innovative and advanced project management software. With the web calendar, users will be able to manage recurring team's events, corporate meetings and conferences on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis and supervisors or managers will be given the freedom of printing supervisory reports at any time.