Productivity Hints for Software as a Service Deployment

What is "Software as a Service"?
"Software as a Service" (S-a-a-S) provides a way for computer users to access via the internet a particular software program that the user is subscribing to as a service. The user gets all the current updates but does not own the software, only their personal data, thereby decreasing the cost of ownership and enhancing ROI. Businesses can deploy powerful software tools like CRM, ERP, PM, Collab, VOIP without any long term investment in equipment, software or maintenence.

What kinds of software are best matched with S-a-a-S ?
1) Groupware - Your employees and consultants working from remote locations should be able to collaborate effectively without giving the groupware software they are using a second thought. They shouldn't have to concern themselves about updates, back-ups or anything other than effectively using their groupware software as the collaboration tool it was meant to be.
2) Collaboration Software - Most managers immediately think of high-priced applications that only the largest enterprises can afford. Collaboration Software delivered over the internet enables even the smallest of businesses to benefit from improved employee collaborative ability.
3) Intranet / Extranet Software - Large enterprise level customers typically deploy an intranet environment with remote worker by creating vpn connections to connect remotely. Intranets require constant upkeep, taxing internal IT parameters and usually are subject to high "per seat" license. Most S-a-a-S allows enterprise quality intranet level control in a pay as you go pricing model.
4) Digital Asset Management - The ability to successfully identify, share, track changes, modify access to digitally created files is usually a system built around the most important component of the workflow. In a closed network environment this is okay. But as soon as the data is required by non-network aligned user then the ability to collaborate regresses to emailing files around. Document Management as a S-a-a-S provides a solution that centralizes the data. needs very little training time, has little deployment costs and insures off location backups of your data.
5) Customer Relation Management - No matter what size your company is the need to unite a salesforce, focus business strategies, retrieve customer data and deliver reliable forecasts from various locations is universal. Purchasing and installing off the shelve software licenses for contact management software, scheduling software, sharing inventory excel documents becomes very task intensive and costly based upon the number of computers the software is installed on. CRM as S-a-a-S makes perfect sense.

Need an example of Software as a Service?
Same-Page eStudio was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive collaboration suite that is easy to use. Software As A Service based, it requires no installation and is updated and backed up by Same-Page's professional staff. Your employees can access the system securely from any computer that has an internet connection. The system works with Windows, Mac or Linux computers, eliminating the need for different, and often incompatible versions.

Unlike other Software As A Service providers, Same-Page don't charge a "per seat" price. Starting from just $59 per month, you can add as many users as you like. Powerful groupware software has never been so affordable and easy to use. You don't have to invest in servers or high-priced IT employees--everything runs on our equipment and is managed by our expert staff. The eStudio online solution is rapidly deployed and easy to use.

Your employees will be using online file sharing, online project management, online calendars, chat rooms, discussion boards and online conferences quickly and efficiently. Hardly aware of the powerful Software As A Service tools they are using, your employees will be able to better do what they are best at--improving your bottom line. Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial.