Share files anytime, anywhere with the Same Page online file sharing system. Regardless of size or type, any file can be quickly transmitted, viewed online, or edited using our easy-to-use online file sharing system. Each eStudio online file sharing system comes with four-tiered online file sharing storage workspace, and multiple levels of security that provide administrators with the ability to set up controlled access to the file sharing capabilities.

Now your online team can work, share a file, manage tasks and schedule events from wherever they need to be! When you combine our online file sharing system with the other eStudio tools, such as project manager, group calendar and collaboration tools, you can provide your team with a full suite of online project management tools. Just look at all the features our online file sharing system has:

  • 500MB Storage (more storage available)
  • Multiple levels of security
  • 4 Tiered Workspace
  • 1 Private Vault (more Vaults available)
  • Email notifications
  • SMS/Text message alerts
  • Sign out version control
  • Document review and comment
  • Supports all file types
  • Available 24/7 over the internet

Remember, every product that our company offers, including our online document sharing software, comes with several features:

  • Requires no downloads and works with Windows, Linux and Apple computers
  • Includes an unlimited number of users¹ for one low monthly fee
  • Limit user access to only the tools they need
  • Comes with free personalized training and support from Same Page

Start Document Sharing TODAY!

Same Page's online file sharing software is the best in the industry. You will not find a better product for a better price from any of our competitors. It's simply extraordinary. If you need online file sharing software for your company, the choice is obvious – Same! Try eStudio's file sharing software today at and see how we can help get everyone in your office on the same page today!