Does Online Collaboration Software Exist for Public Relations Agencies?

The Public Relations industry is changing fast, representing more global clients, using more consultants and increasingly relying on technology to help get the "message" out. New business paradigms have changed the way managers, account executives, art directors and media specialists collaborate. Running an Public Relations agency needs software that will help your company manage assignments as diverse as handling new client accounts, press schedules and budgets, keeping the client's blog current, managing press release and controlling internal costs. The accounting department at your PR agency has its own software for taxes, expenses and commissions. Your Art team may be using an all-in-one solution like Adobe Creative Suite or separate programs like Illustrator, Dreamweavers and Final Cut. Your press specialist probably runs on its own proprietary software that manages client media buys. If reading all that made your brain hurt, then managing all that information must be exhausting!

Your Public Relations Agency has become a technology junkie!

Many Public Relations agencies have discovered that installing all that software has created its own set of problems.

  1. VPNs and shared network drives are too expensive to give everyone.
  2. Full time IT support is needed to manage all those computers and software.
  3. Managing office schedules are impossible.
  4. Direct Client communications are a mess - nobody is on the same page.
  5. Campaign efforts are in disarray and press leads are lost.
  6. Client approval takes forever.

What If?

What if your team could access all their information by simply logging in? Your staff would be able manage accounts, collaborate on campaigns and get work approved from anywhere. Your team would always be on the same page. Your information and conversations would stay secure. The work would get done and you would get paid!

Save Money, Work Smarter, Any Platform's eStudio product is the online collaboration solution to your business headaches. By using eStudio to update the way you work, your agency can manage staff calendars and schedules, client files, project tasks, and contacts with ease. It requires no IT effort and is accessed from anywhere over the Internet. Same-Page eStudio is web-based, Software as a Service (you rent it), there are no large up-front fees. Mac, Windows, Linux, Smart Phone, Netbook all can access eStudio, providing robust general purpose collaboration software for Public Relations professionals.

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Whether you have Public Relations offices worldwide, a network of consultants, or no office at all, the benefits of eStudio are profound. There's no ongoing investment in servers or high-priced IT employees--everything runs on our equipment and is managed by our expert staff. The eStudio online collaboration software is rapidly deployed and easy to use. We even offer free training. Your employees will quickly be using our online file sharing, online project management, online calendars, webcam conferencing, discussion boards and contact management tools! With eStudio ALL¹ users are free! Pay just $39 per month for a base eStudio subscription and then order additional projects and storage on demand. It's time to get everyone on the Same Page so start now by signing up for a FREE 30 day trial.