Portland, OR to Test Same-Page.com for Disaster Relief

November 1, 2005
By Mark Ramsey

Dennis Michaels of Portland’s Disaster Preparedness Department announced today that Same-Page’s eStudio 6 has been selected as a finalist for testing as the preferred communication and information dissemination tool for the department. Tasked with preparing disaster plans for the city, Michaels and his team face the threats of tsunami, earthquakes, flash floods and volcanic eruption. “With such varied threats, a tool is required that allows us great flexibility in communication methods and also in document dissemination and tracking” says Michaels. “Additionally, we see the project management tools that Same-Page has developed as an added bonus”.

“After reviewing dozens of platforms, Same-Page and 2 other platforms have been selected for testing. Ultimately the platform that is chosen will be used by over 200 department members and will serve as the department’s interface with Police, Fire, Emergency and Military assets in both preparation and actual emergency operations” Michaels added. A decision is scheduled to occur by January 1st of 2006 and Management at Same-Page is confident that they will prevail. “We are already being used in a similar fashion by other states and have also begun to see interest from various government and private organizations that are dealing with Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath” says one Same-Page employee. “We are sure that during the testing, eStudio 6.0 will prove again to be the leader in online project management applications”. “We have worked hard with the latest version to provide the power and flexibility that our clients and prospects have been searching for” he finishes.

Same-Page.com’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at http://www.same-page.com. You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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