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November 2, 1999

Sanibel, FL (October XX, 1999) - Launched only a few weeks ago, the potential for to enhance workflow for communication arts professionals is already being demonstrated-and extolled. While there are other websites that offer virtual office space, is the only website that has been designed to meet the demands of the creative community specifically.'s focus is to enable users to easily and quickly post graphic, audio, video, animated and multi-media files-as well as spread sheets, budgets and business-oriented data-for comment, collaboration and review. And because the goal of its users (those in graphic design, video graphics, music, architecture, interior design, theater arts, photography, web design, advertising, marketing, public relations, etc.) is to receive their client's comments and approval, offers superior presentation tools that make the process simple, convenient and fast.

Says Edward Wiseman, Executive Vice President of the CathodeRay Club and member since the website's inception, "Throughout the various phases of production, it is necessary for us to provide our clients with visual images of our broadcast designs for their approval. Formerly, we had them go to our website where they could download frames that we posted. Now, using, they are visiting a virtual office replete with feedback capacity, a calendar system, and other sophisticated features that enable us to elicit an immediate response. is a great concept, and it will be even more useful as the Internet and the TV combine in the future."

Says Andrew Kuntz, Maestro of Opera Theater of Philadelphia, "As a professional opera company with three major productions each season, it is essential that we have a tool to facilitate communication regarding lighting, scenic, costume designs, etc. enables us to upload designs in progress and converse with team members spread throughout the U.S. It also allows me to easily follow the budget and expenses. It's a terrific asset for us-and we are only scratching the surface of its many uses."

"Our latest assignment involved three parties, client, agency and illustrator, " adds Keith Conforti, Owner and Creative Director of Twist Creative Group. "Using made it extremely efficient for all parties to see and react to each illustration in a timely, cohesive manner. It's a much better alternative to the cycle of shipping comps around to each group for revisions and approval."

Amy Schmidt, Design Director of Bailey Lauerman & Associates agrees, "It's so easy to view layouts in the workroom, comment on them, and download them for use in my mockups. The mockups download quickly, look fantastic, and definitely help my clients see how wonderful they're going to look in their brochures and other materials."

Renting virtual studio space from has become a cost-effective alternative for those who require sophisticated website features and would otherwise have no choice but to have a costly custom site built for them. also features an array of Community Centers, each designed for a specific segment of the creative community, where people can gather at no charge to talk shop, peruse news articles, search classified ads for jobs or products, view industry event calendars, and review the portfolios of users. Each Community Center has its own host and is open to everyone, whether they rent studio space or not. Industry professionals who register with can link their websites to the Community Center (and thus to each other), thereby generating a continuous flow of traffic within the creative community. features a simple graphical interface and is the first of its kind to offer cross-platform access and require no additional software, empowering its users and their clients with anytime/anywhere creative project management.

To learn more about, call Bruce Collen at 877-765-2655 or visit the site at

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