Launches October 1

September 13, 1999
By Joan Schweighardt Launches October 1 Sanibel, FL (September 13, 1999) – Project Communicator, the communication art world's most powerful collaboration tool, announced today that it will launch its site on October 1. enables co-workers and clients from across the hall or around the world to come together to share a secure virtual studio space. Users can not only post files for comment and collaboration, but they can also have real-time conferences and manage their budgets, contacts and schedules at Internet speeds. The Project Communicator's simple graphical interface is the first of its kind to offer cross-platform access and require no additional software, empowering its users with anytime/anywhere project management. Says President Bruce Collen, "Having spent 15 years in video production, I realized that there is a huge demand to simplify project collaboration. E-mail attachments help, but they fall short because they require follow up to ensure that files are received and directions are properly implemented--not to mention that not all e-mail recipients have the right software to open some files. will not only cut down the time and cost of a project, but it will also enhance the prospects for its success. It won't be long before not having will be as hard to imagine as not having a cell phone or fax machine; it is destined to become a workflow necessity." has been developed for use by people in communication arts fields, such as graphic design, video graphics, music, architecture, interior design, theater arts, photography, web design, advertising, marketing, public relations and other areas where visual information is crucial to a project. There is no limit to the number of users who can gather in a virtual studio. Yet sections of a studio can be made private, so that only certain team members can review the project budget or expense report.

In addition to the Project Communicator, which is free to all first-time users for the first month and available for $29.95 per month thereafter, features Community Centers where people in various fields can gather at no charge to talk shop, peruse news articles, search classified ads for jobs or products, view industry event calendars, and review the portfolios of users. Each Community Center has its own host and is open to everyone, whether they rent studio space or not. The host for each discipline oversees an open forum wherein visitors can engage in lively discussions, request help or present their views on industry issues. Industry professionals who register with can link their websites to the Community Center (and thus to each other), thereby generating a continuous flow of traffic within the creative community.

Says Dave Cutler, VP of Marketing and Creative Director of well as the Host of the Illustration Community Center, "Not only do members in each discipline have access to each other, but they also have access to those in the other disciplines served by that a graphic designer can visit the Illustrators Community to post a job or review an illustrator's portfolio. In this way, Community Centers empower creative individuals, many of whom previously felt isolated, by providing an opportunity for association, the exchange of information and reciprocal learning experiences."

As new Internet technologies become available, will add features to its site. Upgrades currently being planned include voice chat, e-fax, stock quotes, yellow- and white-page phone directory, stock image search features and more.

To date, the Theatre Opera of Philadelphia, the art departments of EDS, Scudder-Kemper Investments, Johnson & Johnson, Harvard Law School, Georgia State University and design clients such as the CathodeRay Club, EM2Design, TGD, Twist Creative and Saunders-Ream Advertising have already begun to reap the benefits of using to advance their project management. is available immediately for press preview at

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