Thousands Pitch in to Recover from Hurricane Katrina

September 7, 2005
By M Ramsey

Chaos. That is the word used most to describe the situation in those states affected by Katrina. wants to help tame that chaos. An online project management and team communication tool,’s eStudio product is the perfect tool for managing the disaster recovery efforts.

From communications between State and Federal officials to coordinating efforts between National Guard assets and the Red Cross, to helping family members find loved ones, eStudio has the tools for effective communication. Already being used for terrorism and disease preparedness by states like New Hampshire, eStudio blends all the best tools to give workers the control they need to be effective. Those tools include…

Multi-user Calendars Document storage and management Live chat Task/Project Management Software Threaded Discussion Boards Complete Security Email Notifications Contact Management Tools

In times of crises we all must do what we can. That is why is offering eStudio to any organization involved in the rescue and recovery efforts and the families of those affected at special rates. To learn more, you need to call us at (877) 765.2655 and we’ll work with you to get your eStudio up and running in minutes. These are difficult times. is pleased to do its part and we send our thoughts and prayers out to those affected.

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