and SkyHawke Technologies Hit the Links

July 11, 2006
By Mark Ramsey

(Sanibel, FL, 25 April 06) Picture the perfect day. You are surrounded by gorgeous trees and perfect manicured fairways and greens. Your drive carried over the bunker on the right side of the fairway and now you are estimating the distance of your next shot. Using SkyHawke’s handheld GPS device Skycaddie, you know exactly how far it is to the pin! What you don’t know is that’s eStudio was used by SkyHawke to schedule all the work and training that was required to get that golf course’s information into your Skycaddie. The PGA pros, Skycaddie GPS owners and Skyhawke's elite team of course data gatherers are trained and scheduled using eStudio's Calendar and TaskTracker software under the watchful eye of Skyhawke's Joe Scherer. “Same-Page eStudio has been a great tool for me in tracking and disseminating information” says Joe. “We can quickly provide our training to a course’s pro across the country via the eStudio and schedule our own enablers’ time for the addition of courses months in advance.” “I am impressed with how easy it is to use and I love that I can access it from any internet connection” Joe continues.

“Because we are now the official rangefinder of NGCA we are very busy adding courses at our highest level of detail, including graphics of the greens themselves. That means our team of enablers is very busy and traveling constantly. eStudio has made my job of tracking and scheduling so much easier, I’m glad I found them” says Joe.

The idea of CEO Bruce Collen, and eStudio are based on the solid principles and psychology of collaboration and teamwork. “We had companies like SkyHawke in mind when we first developed eStudio. eStudio’s sweet spot is any company with employees, project team members, customers and contractors who are spread over a large area or travel frequently. In the new business era companies like Skyhawke face challenges with scheduling, document management and collaboration” said Bruce Collen. “By providing a bundled tool set that includes multi-user calendars, document sharing, project management and communication tools, companies can work from various locations as if they all were in the same room”. Bruce concludes, “We continue to see amazing results when clients utilize the product and we know that SkyHawke will be no exception”.’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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