Free Project Management, Calendar & Online Collaboration Software to Cities & Non Profits in Gulf

June 27, 2010 registered with BP for inclusion of eStudio to its "recommended" list on June 16. The firm announced today in response to the Gulf Oil disaster that is providing for free eStudio project management, document management, calendar and contact management software for non-profits and government agencies that are affected by the spill. This offer is valid for as long as there is a need for cities and non-profits to keep people organized and on the same page while fighting the oil spill across the Gulf of Mexico. Interested municipalities and non-profits are urged to contact Same-Page at Gulfresponse(at)same-page(dot)com to learn about the free offer.

Because eStudio is cloud based software officials and workers in various local areas with Internet or cell access can login to the Same-Page Oil Spill Disaster Recovery Software in order to:

1. Monitor beach conditions 2. Recruit and organize volunteers 3. Collaborate on submitting group claims 4. Co-ordinate local cleanup efforts 5. Manage wildlife trauma recovery 6. Transport logistics 7. Share forms, files, photos, videos 8. Create knowledge based forums 9. Report expenses associated with mitigation efforts 10. Schedule command and control activities 11. Aggregate news related to the BP Oil Spill and clean up efforts 12. Act as a central long term repository for related documentation

"With millions of gallons of oil, thousands of miles of beaches, coastlines and bays and many hundreds of volunteers to coordinate on a 24/7 schedule across a multitude of complex clean-up projects, there is a critical need for all team members to be on the same page with respect to tasks, assignments, and scheduling and project management," said Bruce Collen, President and Founder of will provide immediate assistance to help any affected area or qualified non-profit start implementing the eStudio software for BP Gulf Oil disaster recovery efforts. For immediate assistance please call 1-877-765-2655 or send an email.

The eStudio Suite designed for BP Gulf Oil Response Collaborative online tools includes:

? Document management software ? Online calendars and scheduling ? Online contact management ? Project management

" is providing these tools for free for any affected municipality or non-profit organization directly involved in clean-up related tasks or assignments, whether they are acting on their own or sub contracted through BP, added Collen.

Using Same-page will enable Gulf Coast communities to be better organized to fight the oil spill and to assemble documentation for damage litigation. Using Same-page online collaborative tools ensures that all paid personnel and volunteers are on the same page with clean up efforts, managing tasks, scheduling and tracking recovery progress and maintaining an online knowledge base in one central location. will generate tracking reports that can also be used in any legal actions following the spill, as eStudio provides detailed records of each task, event and action recorded.

"If your area is affected by the BP Horizon Oil Spill Disaster then you can use our software absolutely free. Same-Page staff will help you setup and train your administrators quickly," added Collen. Interested municipalities and non-profits are urged to contact at Gulfresponse(at)same-page(dot)com.

About Same Page,, is the developer of eStudio, a powerful suite of collaboration software for small businesses, non-profits, government agencies and entrepreneurs. Every day thousands of people log in and depend on eStudio to share files, schedule events, meet deadlines, assign tasks, centralize feedback, have web meetings and get on the same page with clients and consultants.

Since 1999 eStudio has provided secure, customizable and reliable Software as a Service. Our online service means registered users can collaborate from multiple offices, home or on the road - any location and any time.

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