CES Finds Their Solution in Same-Page.com

May 10, 2005
Same-Page.com Marketing
By Mark Ramsey

Gary Potterfield of CES, a military contractor, had a unique challenge. Tasked with providing Public Relations and Media services to various divisions of the U.S. Navy, he needed to be able to communicate with team members located in Norfolk, Detroit and D.C. as well as Navy personnel scattered around the country. Due to the nature of the Navy’s computer firewalls and their policies about software, Gary knew that he couldn’t just buy a software solution off the shelf. “I really wasn’t sure how we were going to accomplish our goals of having a virtual office” says Gary. Then he discovered Same-Page.com’s eStudio.

“When I realized that eStudio is an internet based application, I knew I had my solution. Because it required no software installs, it met the Navy’s rules for computer security. In hindsight, I know we couldn’t have done the job without it”. Gary quickly set-up an eStudio and got his team started using the features. “Thanks to the file-sharing, calendar and task management tools, we have been able to perform jobs that traditionally would have required many phone calls, emails, delivery services and overnight shipping.” “I can produce a video, place it online in the eStudio, have team members review and critique it and then show it to the client without ever leaving my desk.” Gary goes on to say “in the past, that process would have meant producing DVDs, having them shipped overnight to teammates, getting their critiques via phone or email, making changes, making another DVD and then shipping that to the client. This is so much easier, faster and cheaper!”

After just a few minutes of talking to Gary on the phone, one thing is clear, Gary has become a fan of Same-Page.com’s eStudio. “I am amazed at how versatile the product is” says Gary. “Every time we have a need, we find a solution inside eStudio. We are even using eStudio to chat with each other like you would with AOL’s IM software because AOL can’t be used on the Navy’s computers.” “I am very pleased that we discovered Same-Page and their products. They have been great to work with” says Gary. “They truly understand the concept and value of a virtual office and they always listen to our needs and suggestions. As CES and our services grow, I am certain we will continue to expand our uses for eStudio.”

Same-Page.com’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at http://www.same-page.com. You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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