Announces the Successful Launch of eStudio 6

January 5, 2005
Same-Page Marketing
By Mark Ramsey

(Sanibel, Florida 1 April 05) announced today the successful launch of eStudio 6, an exciting new version of their award winning family of eStudio products. As a virtual office environment, eStudio 6 allows small and medium size business users to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. Sharing everything from important documents to their daily calendars, users now have the most powerful tools available for collaborative work.

Bruce Collen, creator of and the eStudio products was all smiles at the recent press conference to announce the release. “eStudio 6 is the culmination of my virtual office vision. When we started on this update, I knew that I was going to realize my original idea for what eStudio should be.” eStudio 6 now wraps all the benefits and tools that larger competitors, like Intranets, offers into one complete package without restrictive user license policies. “Geographically diverse work teams are more common than ever” says Bruce. “The sales office for your company may be in New York, marketing in L.A., production in China and R&D in Silicon Valley, yet they all need to work together like they are in the same building. With eStudio products they can!”

Speaking to Bruce Collen, it becomes instantly clear that he is devoted to helping people work and communicate online. He understands the needs of work teams for tools like task management, shared calendars, document management and group meeting environments. A quick tour provided by Mr. Collen quickly reveals that by utilizing eStudio 6, work teams can set goals, monitor team and individual progress towards those goals and spot and eliminate workflow bottlenecks before they become critical. From the moment a person enters the virtual reception area, he or she is instantly aware of items like project goals, deadlines, coworker availability, document revision status and critical problems. “eStudio gives small and medium sized businesses amazing tools like group calendars, document management and storage, task management, online chat, discussion boards and management reports. Now for the really cool part…all of this cost only $50 a month for you and an unlimited number of users. Just one feature of eStudio 6 can cost you $300 a month or more with my competitors. I believe that if I can help my customers compete and get a fair price for eStudio than my business will continue to grow and the word will spread about Same-Page.”

It is clear that eStudio 6 is the hottest online collaboration solution available right now and when you witness Bruce Collen’s passion and conviction, it is easy to see why. Clearly this is a company that will be helping people work together for a long, long time.’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at

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