Releases Version 4.5

April 15, 2003
By Mark Ramsey E-Studio, the world's leading online collaboration tool, announced today that it has launched its newest product upgrade. enables co-workers and clients from across the hall or around the world to come together to share a secure virtual studio space. Users can not only post files for comment and collaboration, but they can also have real-time conferences and manage their budgets, contacts and schedules at Internet speeds. The E-Studio is the first of its kind to offer cross-platform access and require no additional software, empowering its users with anytime/anywhere project management. has been developed for use by people across many industries, that all share one common trait. They have a need to work effectively with co-workers who aren’t right “down the hall”. From budget strapped schools and governments to advertising agencies with freelancers all over the globe, Same-Page E-Studio brings them all together to get the job done. There is no limit to the number of users who can gather in a virtual studio. Yet sections of a studio can be made private, so that only certain team members can review the project budget or expense report.

This latest version adds several new, powerful features to make collaboration and system use even easier. Workers now have features like virtual timecards, task-tracking features, enhanced e-mail alerts and all-new Supervisor Reports that allow project managers to have the data they need to manage effectively right at their fingertips. All this while still having the ease of use and cross-platform abilities that users have come to expect from E-Studio.

Says President Bruce Collen, “We continue to monitor emerging Internet technologies, so that we can always offer the features users want and need in our product. We listen very closely to the users and what they tell us. Unlike many software or internet developers, we never assume we know what our customers want or need. We work hard to continuously ask them for feedback. Upgrades currently being considered include technologies like voice chat, e-fax and a few other really exciting features I can’t mention just yet.”

To date, clients include, The Tourist Network Matrex Exhibits North Carolina Department of Agriculture Cipherware Software Olympus Camera is available immediately for press tours at

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