and the Partnership for Food Safety Education Work Together

February 25, 2005
By Mark Ramsey today announced the successful addition of the Partnership for Food Safety to the family. The Partnership for Food Safety, a non-profit, unites industry associations, consumer and public health groups and the United States Department of Agriculture, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, to educate the public about safe food handling and preparation. Coordinating efforts between these vast and disparate agencies can be a monumental task and requires constant communication. Facing the challenges of trying to communicate nationwide with members, The Partnership for Food Safety executives began looking for an online solution. What they discovered was a solution in the form of’s eStudio 6. A virtual online environment, eStudio 6 allows members located around the country to meet and share everything from important planning and strategy documents, to their daily calendars, have live chats and share photos and videos.

Same-Page CEO Bruce Collen said “eStudio 6 is based on the solid principles and psychology of collaboration and teamwork. Many man-hours of time and research went into how geographically diverse teams work together. The result of that analysis is realized in e-studio 6. We continue to see amazing results when clients utilize the product and we know that The Partnership for Food Safety will be no exception.”

“We became very excited when The Partnership for Food Safety approached us about e-Studio 6 as a solution. Unlike the myriad of generic corporations that utilize us, this group is doing critical, life-saving work in our nation and we were anxious to get behind that.” “We knew that as soon as they began using the e-Studio product, they would quickly see their productivity take a big leap.” “We remain prepared to provide them with any training or customizations they require to make their job easier. I have seen firsthand the results of food poisoning and other food related issues and therefore have a great interest in their cause. I know that any efforts we make on their behalf will be well worth the results they achieve in educating the public” says Bruce Collen. “Helping clients like The Partnership for Food Safety is important for business owners like me that want their companies to be socially involved and responsible versus just being about the profit.” eStudio is available for review or evaluation at The Partnership for Food Safety’s information is available for review at You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews

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