eStudio an Integral Part of Paradigm Spine’s Study Management

February 14, 2008
By Mark Ramsey

How to handle the scheduling and coordination of 30-40 employees scattered around the country, plus hundreds of surgeries performed by a similar number of doctors? For Paradigm Spine, a medical device company based in Manhattan, eStudio provided the solution.

An online search for the answer to his company’s dilemma led Greg Smith of Paradigm Spine to’s Multifunction Calendar. Upon contacting the company to discuss how the product might match his needs, Greg was impressed with the calendar’s flexibility:

“I saw immediately that it met our requirements of being web-based, cross-platform and easy to implement. After working with it for a little bit, I realized that the customizable views meant we could input many kinds of team and staff events into the shared calendar and not be faced with a lot of on-screen clutter. That was critical,” Greg comments. He added that he was pleasantly surprised by eStudio’s affordability; but the product had to work at any price.

What won Greg over, however, was the individualized customer service he received from his very first call. “I had the feeling that with this company, I was never going to be simply a statistic in a customer database,” he notes.

Armed with the information he had gathered, and confident that eStudio was the best choice for Paradigm, he then approached Paradigm’s CEO, who upon viewing the product had one comment:

“This is awesome!”

That sealed the deal. Paradigm Spine quickly signed up for the free trial. “We didn’t even need it, though,” Greg is quick to point out. The enrollment was followed by well-supported training for Paradigm users, and the relationship progressed so well that another department within Paradigm, at Greg’s recommendation, signed up shortly thereafter. Should they be needed in the future, Greg has an eye on the myriad other available features of the eStudio Suite, such as document and task management, as well as online meetings. “I couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received”, he concludes. Paradigm Spine is a provider of non-fusion spinal implant solutions that serve to address the unmet clinical needs of spine surgeons and their patients. Starting with the coflex® interspinous implant technology, Paradigm Spine develops a full, non-fusion product portfolio of motion preserving, tissue sparing technologies. They can be viewed at’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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