Same-Page Announces Custom Product Rollout

February 11, 2004
By Mark Ramsey and today announced the successful launch of an exciting new product called Family Connect. A virtual online environment, Family Connect allows family members located around the world to meet and share everything from important moments to their daily calendars, have live chats and share family photos and videos. Families with members overseas on military duty can keep in contact, sharing photos, letters and videos. They can even schedule live chat sessions. With Family Connect, families can easily stay connected to loved ones for as little as $9.95 a month.

The brain child of CEO Larry Bracco, Family Connect is based on the online collaboration technology of’s eStudio. “We knew we had a great idea for a way to bring families closer together but it was only after seeing’s product eStudio that we knew the exact way our idea would work” said Larry Bracco. “We immediately contacted’s CEO, Bruce Collen and expressed our interest in a development deal.” “We were drawn to the easy way that’s eStudio allowed people to interact and collaborate on projects in a business environment. We knew that ease of use was going to be a big issue for us in the family market and their system gave us that element.”

Bruce Collen, CEO of remembers when he first was approached. “I immediately saw how our technology developed for eStudio was a terrific solution for Larry and his company. We had done several smaller custom developments for other clients, so we were anxious to take on this much larger project.” Upon reaching agreement, Bruce and the team went to work on customizing every aspect of their eStudio product to meet the vision of the FamilyConnect concept. “The project was quite a challenge, but I think that Larry and his team wound up with a winning product that really showcases the same strengths that make our eStudio business tools such a success” says Bruce Collen.

Larry Bracco goes on to say “eStudio gave us the family center environment that we envisioned. From the shared calendar and document sharing, to the chat and multi-media aspects, it was all there. We simply needed to repackage it to serve our purpose and Bruce made that really easy.” “We are just pleased to be working with Bruce and and we know this relationship will be a success!” says Larry with a smile. Based on the smiles that both these men are wearing, this is truly a technology match made in heaven that will result in great things for both and’s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at’s Family Connect is available for review or evaluation at You may contact Mark Ramsey at (503) 661-4013 for more information, or to request interviews.

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