New Hampshire Flu Vaccine Shortage

January 10, 2005
By Mark Ramsey

(Sanibel, Florida 3 Jan 05) today announced the latest successful implementation of e-Studio 5.0 in the state of New Hampshire's Health and Human Resources Division. Rich Reagan, System Architect is the man in charge of New Hampshire's technology systems for the division. "I can still remember the phone call" says Rich. "The Division Director called shortly after the flu vaccine shortage became national news. There was major concern about public panic and we needed to get information out very quickly to the public and health workers and hospitals. I was asked to get a system in place that could handle things without tying up management level personnel or being labor intensive." It was quickly decided that the public would be educated through a Flu Hotline that was available during business hours 7 days a week. However, management quickly realized they would need to have six people available on the hotline at all times and they couldn't handle the hectic pace for longer than two hours at a stretch. "I quickly realized scheduling could be a real nightmare" recalls Regan. "Fortunately I had used eStudio on other projects in the past and was aware of its capabilities."

Within 15 minutes of getting the request, Rich had opened eStudio and created not only a scheduling system for the phone workers but also a system for the dissemination of information to hospitals and health workers around the state. "It was so simple. We had 1176 shifts to fill for the phones and the calendar. eStudio allowed me the flexibility to set-up a self-scheduling system that allowed workers to log-in to the eStudio and see where they were needed and block themselves in. Management simply had to log-in periodically and review the calendar to see if all the shifts were getting covered." The pleasure in Rich Regan's voice is evident. He is a believer in eStudio and it shows. "If we hadn’t had eStudio, that request would have taken many, many man-hours to deal with. Not only was it handled in minutes, but I also created a system that allowed each hospital and healthcare worker who needed access to up-to-the-minute information about vaccine supply status to log-in securely and view or download the data they needed. They could also contact the division via the system and leave us messages and information about what they were seeing which helped us to make better decisions as we allocated our limited vaccines."

"This was a real success" says Regan with a smile in his voice. "Every time we have called upon and eStudio to meet a new need in our state, whether it is aiding communication during Bio-terrorism training or educating people during a crises, eStudio has helped our team to work together effectively and accomplish our mission." "I will continue to use eStudio as a tool for our Health and Human Services mission here in New Hampshire. Its uses are limited only by our imagination. It is a truly powerful tool."'s eStudio is available for review or evaluation at

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