Online Mortgage Industry Software

Is your Mortgage software effectively running your business?

The Mortgage industry is changing faster than ever. The recent mortgage crisis has dramatically changed the way brokers, agents, borrowers and lenders communicate. Running a mortgage business takes specialized software to help your company maintain warehouse lines or customized products, company websites, agent/client communications, etc. Each agent uses different software to manage sales, build listing sheets, mailers and point of sale materials. Your accounting department has its own software for taxes, tracking cost, expenses and commissions. Your main office may be using an all-in-one solution such as Agent Office or Jade Tool, or it is still in the dark ages and using basic tools.

Successful mortgage businesses have turned into information addicts. Yet many Mortgage businesses have discovered that buying all that software has created its own set of headaches. Why?

  1. That valuable information is sitting on the desktops of individual users and there is no easy way to access that data while away from the office.
  2. You now need IT support to manage all those computers and software.
  3. Office scheduling is in disarray.
  4. Interoffice communications are in turmoil - nobody is on the same page.
  5. Marketing efforts are unorganized and leads are wasted.
  6. Approval processes take forever because the right information is not organized.

Simplify and Centralize

Like it or not you are stuck with all those different software programs. So how do you eliminate the headaches? Update the way you work with eStudio. Manage schedules, documents, tasks, and contacts from a central location that is simple to use, requires no IT effort and is accessed from anywhere over the Internet. Because Same-Page eStudio is web-based, Software as a Service (you rent it), you have no large up-front fees. eStudio provides robust general purpose collaboration tools for small business professionals.

Robust: eStudio can easily be configured for your work environment. Mortgage offices can use eStudio for document management, live chat meetings, community knowledge bases, scheduling calendars, task management, supervisor reports, issue tracking, and contact management are included in the service.
Free Help: There is never a charge to talk to our customer support staff. Our HELP area includes tutorial movies and frequently asked questions that will quickly assist you in putting eStudio to work for you.
User Friendly: Intuitive interface and guidance requires no special training.
Effective: No forgotten emails, no missed phone calls, no lost packages, no muddled faxes. Just log onto the site and everyone has everything they need.
Cross Platform: Requires no software to download. Any team member can work online, from anywhere, on a PC or Mac, and use the web browser of their choice. Only an Internet connection and browser are needed.
Simple: You can set up an eStudio in five minutes. Add users in seconds. Your eStudio is pre-loaded with animation that will guide you through the basics of online collaboration.
Secure: Multiple levels of security provide controlled access to files, discussions, conferences, chats, budgets, schedules and more. All guaranteed with 256 bit SSL security.
Customizable: Add your logo. Change the colors to match your company's Web site. Completely integrate our site into yours.
Inexpensive: An eStudio with 500MB, unlimited users and bandwidth is just $59 a month and your first month is free!

Whether you have scattered corporate offices, a network of SOHO users, or everyone is in one building the benefits are profound. You will not have to invest in servers or high-priced IT employees--everything runs on our equipment and is managed by our expert staff. The eStudio online solution is rapidly deployed and easy to use. We even offer FREE TRAINING. Your employees will be using our online file sharing, online project management, online calendars, chat rooms, discussion boards quickly and efficiently.

With our powerful Online Mortgage Industry software your employees will be able to better do what they are best at improving your bottom line. It's time to get everyone on the Same Page so get started by signing up for a FREE 30 day trial right now.