Streamline your company’s office activity with the online calendar software available from Same Page. With our online calendar, you and your employees will be able to keep track of tasks, appointments, events, and meetings with much greater ease. Additionally, you will be able to post personal and supervisor views, notifications, reminders, reports, and more via email. The online calendar is easy to operate and will coordinate the efforts of your staff members and leave them running like a well-oiled machine.

Our online calendar software is feature-rich. It incorporates three online calendars into one – personal, group and supervisor, which means that keeping track of the members of your team has never been easier. The Team Event online calendar function can be used to relay activities for the group and to schedule facilities, the Member Event online calendar function will help each individual to keep track of meetings and manage their personal time, and the Supervisor online calendar function will help you get accurate reports on the activity of your team.

Other companies' online calendar software cannot compare to Same Page's online calendar software program because it:

  • Is three online calendars in one – group, personal, and supervisor
  • Has 8 calendar views to help you schedule easier
  • Allows you to broadcast group activities and schedule meetings
  • Sends e-mail notifications, SMS/Text messages, auto reminders, and RSVPs
  • Publishes company events to your website
  • Inserts hyperlinks directly on the online calendar
  • Integrates with eStudio's Project Management module
  • Exports to Outlook

The value and affordability that can be found in Same Page's online calendar software can be summed up in one word – magnificent. With more features at a far better price our online calendar software is a much better deal than anything our competitors are offering. The choice will be clear.!

Same Page offers more than 30 collaboration tools in our product suite – our online calendar software is only one of them! You can use the online calendar alone or integrate it with eStudio’s other online software products. Remember, every single product that is offered by Same Page, including our special online calendar software:

  • Requires no downloads and works with Windows, Linux and Apple computers
  • Unlimited users¹
  • 500 megabytes of storage for one low monthly fee
  • Limit user access to only the tools they need

Try the eStudio Online Calendar Software

If you have further questions about our online calendar system or any other eStudio module or would like to receive a personal demonstration,  please call us toll free at 1-(877) 765-2655. Let's get everyone in your organization on the Same-Page with eStudio online calendar software!