Online Calendar Features

Using Same-Page's online calendar, you can create single or recurring events & tasks, color-code different categories, set reminders for upcoming events, and generate supervisor reports. Our special conflict checker insures that you are not double booking your users into multiple events at the same time.

With Same-Page online calendar your business can stay connected. Automatically send email alerts, reminders and RSVPs. Schedule eStudio live chats, web cam conferences and webinars right online. Have everyone attend, there is no charge to add users. You can share your schedule on your iPhone or Android device and export it to your Outlook. You can even save it as HTML and link publish it to the Web or to a company intranet.

Fully Integrated Calendar Schedule appointments, meetings, events quickly and easily. Integrates with eStudio's project management tool to easily view and navigate to assigned tasks.
3 Calendars
in 1
Incorporates 3 calendars into 1: Personal, Group/Team, and Supervisor.
Unique Filtering System Simply check a box to easily filter your calendar view between group activities and personal entries.
Get accurate, granular reports for your team and check staff availability with our Supervisor Reports.
Share your calendar with others.
Everyone and Everything Schedule users, facilities, resources, service calls, group activities, calendar.
Stay on the Same Page Automatically sends email alerts, reminders and RSVPs. Individual users may choose to receive SMS/Text messages also. Schedule eStudio live chats, web cam conferences. Have everyone attend.
Recurring Events Manage recurring team events, corporate meetings, conference calls – daily, weekly, monthly.
Feature Rich Export to Outlook
Work Week view
Shift view
Supervisor reports
Scheduler function
Publish filtered calendars to the web
Localized time zones by user
HR balancing scheduler view