Same Page –- Online Calendar

With so many events and activities to handle in your business on a daily basis, it is easy to forget business meetings and special appointments. Even with a secretary to help you, it is easy to forget to tell her to make a note of something important. If you have been looking for the best online calendar software you will be delighted that this feature is part of eStudio , cloud software offered by Same Page. eStudio offers you a lot more than the average online calendar software you will find, with complete tools for managing your daily schedule, and even events of other employees in an easy, user friendly interface online. Our complete productivity suite of software offers features like managing your contacts, storing and file sharing, online conferencing and tons more.

The easy to use features of eStudio online calendar make it great for your personal assistant to use, and you can set reminders for business appointments, as well as personal appointments like special birthdays and other occasions separately if you wish. Use the features on this powerful online calendar to send out team meetings email notifications to employees on special dates. Send alerts to let them know about tasks and events, due dates, and client appointments. You can tailor the way you wish to be reminded with your online calendar set ups. We promise you that you will never miss an important date again. After you read about all the other smart, efficient features offered in eStudio besides the online calendar, you will agree that it is a small investment for so much business efficiency.

Busy business people and executives have numerous tasks to manage on a daily basis, and having an online personal assistant really helps get everything done with efficiency. With so many appointments and special dates to remember, it can even be very difficult for your secretary to keep track of everything. They will certainly be grateful if you invest in eStudio with the excellent, simple to use online calendar. You will see that it can be customized in the format that you prefer to make reminders simple, and keep you updated for anything you need to remember. Unlike other online calendar software, ours can be used to plan appointments and special dates well in advance, even the year ahead, so you can set and forget, so that when the time comes around, a pop-up of notification you set up or other type of notification will be there to let you know about your important date.

Make your investment pay off when you subscribe to the excellent productivity suite of software in eStudio. Choose to subscribe from 5 online hosted versions of eStudio or if you prefer license our powerful suite Fortress eStudio software for your enterprise level IT solution. With any version of eStudio you’ll get a fabulous online calendar that will allow anyone to easily schedule their meetings, reminders and tasks. Same Page also gives you great FREE technical support to help you with what you will soon find to be indispensable business software.