Making Message Boards the focal point for important ideas and information

With eStudio's Message board software, user communities, project teams and company departments can generate ideas for proposals and develop new procedures. Remote office employees can participate in message board threads despite different time zones. Companies can collect employee suggestions on an ongoing basis. Whether you are in the office, on the road or working at home, you always access the latest discussion threads and post your own thoughts.

Leverage Knowledge and Business Expertise

  • Brainstorm and engage
    Generate new ideas and get feedback from your team
  • Get the Group Involved
    Login and contribute to a secure message board. Even remote workers stay involved.
  • Detail Product Customer Experience
    Create a knowledge base of customer service experiences with product fixes and recalls
  • Build Project Requirements and Clarify Expectations
    Team members can read, comment, and contribute on project success at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Maintain a Record of Community Decisions
    Post meeting minutes and let participants comment on discussions and make suggestions.
  • Dynamic Granular User Control
    Always keep specific groups up to date. Easily control access to confidential or sensitive issues.

Message Board Software Pricing

Never pay a fee for Community forum software licenses again! With eStudio ALL¹ users are free! Pay just $39 per month for a base eStudio subscription. eStudio's message board software is readily available from anywhere using a simple web browser. Add as many users as you need and start adding users, creating message boards and discussion threads in minutes.

Message Board Software that works

Community concepts and practices will be better understoodusing message board software. Users will benefit from historical perspective of content and what the community's wants and needs really are. Sign up right now to bring the power of message board software to your business information. You'll find there's no going back after 30 days of being on the same page. Sign up now. It's fast, it's easy, and you can get started right away. Did we mention - No credit card required - Free 30 day trial - Free training. Start using our Message Board software today!