Document Sharing With eStudio

If you run a company with employees that work out-of-house, an online document sharing system is just what you need to make sure everyone is always on the same page. A filing system with paper documents can pose challenges to allowing your business to run smoothly. With the help of a digital document sharing system from Same Page, you can easily digitize your company’s paper documents into digital files, which will simplify your company’s workflow since you can now share, store, and use your documents more easily. The right document management system can help streamline everyday business processes and improve the efficiency of your business.

With a document sharing system from Same Page, capturing, storing, retrieving, archiving, distributing, and managing any paper information can be done with the click of a button. And, once your digital documents are in our document sharing system, they become instantly accessible over the Internet to every employee in your company, whether they are in the next office or the other side of the world. The right document management system will help your business run better than a well-oiled machine.

The online document sharing system from Same Page means everyone in your company will be organizing and sharing files online in a virtual workspace. The online document sharing system comes with 500 megabytes of storage, and we can upgrade your storage capacity for an additional charge. This document sharing system also allows you to:

  • Assign permissions to file storage areas and individual files
  • Set up email reminders
  • Upload files in batches
  • Comment and build consensus on any document
  • Version control
  • Review and Approval

Collaborate and Share Documents Online

We deliver secure content management and collaboration solutions with eStudio software. It facilitates online document sharing and provides secure online access to your files. Keep your sensitive documents safe online in a cloud environment.

  • Requires no downloads and works with Windows, Linux and Apple computers
  • Unlimited number of users¹
  • 500 Megabytes of storage for a low monthly fee
  • Limit user access to only the tools they need
  • Free personalized training and support from Same Page technicians

Start Document Sharing TODAY!

Extraordinary. That is the only word available to accurately describe the affordability and value you will find in the Same Page document sharing software. With more features at a better price than anyone else in the market is offering, your document sharing software choice is clear – Same! View our online tour today and see how our company can help get everyone on your team on the same page!