Smart Document Management Software

If your company has multiple offices or has employees that telecommute, web-based software for document management is just what you need to make sure everyone is always on the same page. A filing system with paper documents can pose a myriad of challenges to your business. Convert your company's paper documents into digital files then simplify your company's workflow by sharing, storing and using your documents the Same Page way. The right document management software can help streamline everyday business processes and improve the productivity of your company.

  • Restrict Folder Access
  • Sign In - Sign Out
  • Review & Approval
  • Batch Uploads
  • FTP Uploads
  • eBox - send files from any device
  • Email Comments on Files
  • Tag Cloud
  • Search
  • Multi File Download
  • Archival Area
  • No Software Downloads
  • Windows, Linux and Apple
  • Unlimited Number of Users¹
  • Free Training & Support

With eStudio's WorkSpace document management software distributing and managing critical information can be done with the click of a mouse. Once your digital documents have been uploaded to our document management system, they become instantly accessible over the Internet to specified employees in your company, whether they are in the next office or the other side of the world. The right document management software can help your business run more efficiently and can help you communicate more effectively.

eStudio's WorkSpace online document management system means better organization and security of your data. The intuitive tree directory interface allows you to restrict folders so that only specified users have access. The WorkSpace Comment feature creates a threaded message for every file, thus encouraging team collaboration and creating project progress records. The online document management system offers 500 megabytes of storage and storage upgrades are available for minimal additional charges. The WorkSpace document management software also allows you to:

  • Assign group permissions to folders and files
  • Send email notifications
  • Upload files in batches
  • Comment and build consensus on any document
  • Twitter style activity stream
  • Version control
  • Review and Approval
  • Requires no download
  • Works with Windows, Linux and Apple computers
  • Unlimited number of users¹
  • 500 Megabytes of storage for a low monthly fee
  • Free UNLIMITED personalized training and support

Get Complete Control over Document Management and Privacy

Our document management system software, eStudio, lets you share and collaborate on documents online from any web connected computer. Get highly developed collaboration features that facilitate teamwork with accuracy and security with one of the best document management solutions available online.