Do you want to do simple project management or smart project management?

Organizing all your projects and managing tasks, budgets, resources, risk factors, files and issues in a secure cloud that everyone can access from anywhere makes sense. Whether you're an experienced project manager or a novice project leader you'll keep the whole team on time, on budget and on task with eStudio's cloud based project management solution. Scroll down to read how you and your team can take advantage of eStudio's robust project tools to work smarter together.

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Better project visibility

Projects can be complex and staying organized when you're managing multiple projects can very difficult. eStudio helps you get a handle all sorts of projects and all types of tasks.

Higher ROI

We never charge for users so whether your business is a small company managing a few projects at a time or a large enterprise with different departments working on hundreds of projects eStudio's project management software is a value. Check out our low cost price plans. Less "putting out fires" means better bottom line.

Identify project risks

When your project team is fully informed they'll be better equipped to handle project problems. A little planning goes a long way. Make informed decisions to prevent and mitigate risks

No issues - only solutions

Handling problems counts a lot in project management. You've identified the risks but the client has changed the scope - it is time to regroup. Alert the project team to issues and take action.

Updates by email and SMS text

Everybody can rely on our messaging solutions to stay connected with your projects. SMS text alerts and emails are delivered to only the participants that you specify making the management of your projects easier.

Visualize projects & budgets

Our advanced SEATM Gantt chart shows task dependencies and timelines. Get a clear picture with printable project costs charts.

Personalized task views

Color coding tasks makes it easy to stay up to date. Click the time clock to record your hours. Update the progress bar to help keep projects running smoothly.

Automated reports

Generate reports about anything and everybody - every project, every task, every resource, and every issue. Automatically email reports to stake holders as pdfs or excel spreadsheets.

Project traction

Each participant can easily see what their roles and tasks are within multiple projects. Our Activity Streams keeps everyone up to date on progress so everybody stays on the same-page.


"Congrats on the latest update! The Activity Stream gives me a instant insight on what my team did recently. With new Check HR tool I can quickly assign other resources to assist in task management. The new eTeams feature makes notifying my staff and clients a snap."
Serita B - Trip Nation

Let us show you how

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