Web-Based Project Management Software

Same Page's web-based project management software will quickly help start-ups, as well as medium sized businesses and ad-hoc teams, get their projects completed quicker and more effectively. The objective of the project management software is to give managers greater control over task flow and resource scheduling and workers easier access to their assignments. The software allows for discrete control over which users see the advanced range of project management software features such as the SEA Gantt chart, milestone cloning, issue management, recurring tasks, task /calendar overlay, email alerts and exportable project reports. Used by government offices, marketing agencies and growing companies popular benefits include real time communications and flexibility in planning. Since the project management software was created to allow for online collaboration and coordination between clients and project management teams, issue notification and issue resolution is fast and effective.

  • Agile Resource Planning - control who has access to your projects
  • WorkLog Recording - record hours and description of activities
  • Issue Reporting - communicate obstacles among project users
  • Project cloning - repetitive project loading is a snap
  • Recurring Tasks - schedule multiple instances of a task in a few clicks
  • Task dependencies - create a task work flow
  • Human Resource load balancing - see everybody's tasks and events in one view
  • Email Notifications - auto send email alerts on tasks changes
  • SMS/Text Alerts - receive role-based text messages
  • Smart Phone Access - see your tasks from any phone with a web browser
  • Sub-project capability - use milestones for mini projects
  • Budget and expense tracking - track your budget versus real time cost
  • Supervisor Report - get granular management reports on projects
  • Project files - attach files to the projects and tasks
  • Gantt Chart - draw visual representations of all ptasks in your projects
  • Freezer - store old projects online for a fraction of the price
  • Calendar Integration - view projects, milestones and task
  • Dashboard - each user sees their task
  • Free training - no charge for setup or support

Web-based Software = High ROI

Because our web-based project management software is scalable, the software can grow to accommodate the changing needs of your company and by using the feature rich project management software, users can easily keep track of their tasks, budgets versus expenses, time on assignment. Managers will benefit from powerful reporting tools as well as workflow notifications that allow for improved project risk management. Same Page project management software has been well received by hundred of industries and it has proven invaluable to project managers in all fields. The award winning software is able to empower a company by making it easy to give everyone the necessary resources that will allow them to complete all projects within the projected timeframe, while remaining on budget thereby obtaining overall customer satisfaction.

Web-based Project Management Plus

Same Page web-based project management software is one of the component in all-inclusive online office. Other features of the product provide users with an easy to use calendar, document management system and contact management. By getting everyone on the same page with the easy to use project management software, your business will have the ability to centrally manage all schedules by utilizing an online calendar, and they will be able to exercise maximum control over contacts and documents. Once you subscribe to the Same Page project management software companies will not be required to pay licensing fees again. eStudio project management software costs only $59.00 per month, which will allow everyone access to the full range of features which are offered by the all-in-one Same Page project management software. Read how one of our customers is using our web-based project management software.