eStudio Document Management Software helps you take control of your documents and keep everyone on the same page.

When it comes to planning for business success everything revolves around documentation and collaboration. That's why we've created eStudio online document management software. The concept is simple: make your small or medium business great at collaboration by using cloud software to develop work/share processes and organizational structures that increase productivity and improve communication.The scope of things your teams can do with eStudio's document management software is amazing.

Perfect for almost any industry, eStudio gives you the power to organize, secure and manage files with ease.

The right documents, the right people, the right time.

eStudio Document Management makes file organization easy to achieve and maintain. Restrict folders and files so that only specified user teams have access to your content, ensuring your documents are seen by only the right people.

Having trouble getting organized?

With eStudio, it's a snap. A simple tree directory with nested folders makes it effortless to ensure everything is in its place. Tag files and find them with our useful tag cloud, filter documents to hone in on what you need, or search to find your files by name. What's more, each file name comes equipped with your own custom description and keywords for easy retrieval.

Automate and Collaborate with eStudio's Workflow

With our team review feature workflow is automated by sequence. When a document needs to be approved, the appropriate team members will receive an email notice to approve or send the document back. Add notes to files under review and alert your coworkers when a new review request is made..

Steve Fromage, SGM Management & Design Ltd, Architectural Design:
"We have been using eStudio for 8 years. Our build teams gained clarity and transparency on document management using eStudio Workspace. It real does help us save time and avoid file confusion."

John Williamson, JW Digital Media & Design:
"Kudos on the WorkSpace upgrade. My staff and freelancers love it. Seeing recent file comments threads by eTeam on my dashboard is great! Your help desk people really got us setup and launched quickly."

Estelle Parker, One Steel Pty Ltd, Integrated Steel Manufacturing:
"We first chose eStudio years ago to assist us in managing a major SAP implementation. Now with resources across Australia and India it is important to stay organized. The ability to freely share documents and ensure approval/review processes is invaluable. Having a single storage location eliminates management confusion. We've counted on eStudio for our document collaboration ever since."

Martha Culver, CulverTech, Lead Programmer:
"Over the years we tried Dropbox, we tried Basecamp and recently we tried Slack, but eStudio is clearly better. Its easier to add people, simpler to organize, it does more and costs less. I like the simple check in/check out, the activity stream and text alerts keeps me current review status."

Chris Taylor, New Hampshire DHHS Administrator:
"I really appreciate how easy it to add users and manage eStudio. Being HIPPA compliant was a major security factor in choosing as our collaboration tool for over 100 different initiatives."

Clear Communications

Use your existing email, text services, messaging apps to establish a positive communication culture that everybody can support. Exchange feedback in one place, whether it's a quick comment or an in-depth discussion a record is permanently create of who said and did what.Our Comment Streams keep everyone on the same page. For smoother collaboration, use the comment feature: it creates a threaded message for every new file.

Better Version Control

Never loose an old version of a file again. Our private cloud servers are designed to track documents as you make changes and serve as secure backup location for mission critical files via FTPS.

Share Securely

Imagine never having to email a file again. With eStudio, it's possible – just upload and share documents from our secure cloud servers. If you need to let your team know about the file results, you have the ability to send notifications by email or text message, and collaboration is easy when you can read team review notes and add your comments. We meet PCI, DSS, HIPPA and CJSI security standards to make sure your company data is safe.

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  • Restrict Folder Access
  • Sign In - Sign Out
  • Review & Approval
  • Version Control
  • Comment Streams
  • Tag Clouds
  • Search
  • Batch Upload/ Download
  • Archival Area
  • Clone Folder Structures
  • FTPS Uploads
  • eBox - send files from any device

Why pay exorbitant fees of $6.95 to $14.95 per month per user when you could be using eStudio where all users are free. Its only $59 a month for an eStudio subscription with 700 MB of storage (add more storage anytime). You won't need coding or programming skills to create a collaborative document management workspace – just the desire to get to work.

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eStudio eXtreme $7,000 unlimited users
Sharepoint $54,000 100 users
Web Sphere $17,775 100 users
Oracle WebCenter $42,500 100 users
Huddle $48,000 100 users
* software base price does not include cost of server(s)
eStudio eXtreme $ 7,000 6 TB
engyte Business $16,800 10 TB
Dropbox for Business $18,000 (unlimited*)
Box $18,000 (unlimited*)
Google $12,000 (undisclosed)

Getting Off to a Good Start

We want you to win big! We offer FREE setup help, live training sessions and host a launch webinar for you! Need a little more reassurance? Give us a call at 877-765-2655 to have a free consultation.