Task Software and Cloud Computing

Budgets are tight, companies can’t afford to add employees, supply chains are damaged, new customers are rare and fluid relationships with vendors are adding to the complexity of running your company's ecosystem. In order to succeed management needs a set of functional tools that can shed light on how existing initiatives are procgressing to make smart business decisions. Cloud computing based Project Management tools can be quickly deployed across the business ecosystems allowing access and input by strategic partners, clients, dispersed workers and decision makers.

A white paper from Forrester Research titled "The ROI of Project Portfolio Management Tools" focused on the value that project management solutions bring to an organization, both in terms of project success rates and the bottom line.

Here are the white paper highlights:

  • Reduction in administrative time – PM software captures task related data (http://www.same-page.com/task-software.html) and generates reports that used to be done manually. The white paper indicated that PM software managers reported that their time spent on administrative work decreased by 25%.
  • Lower rate of project failure – PM software provide the tools and reporting to help management ensure projects are adequately staffed, assigned proper resources, properly sequenced, tracked and managed, and are achievable and well-aligned. The white paper indicated that when using PM software project failure decrease by 15%.
  • Reduction in cost overrun – PM software improve agility in responding to issues and resource allocation for better budget management. The white paper indicated that using PM software managers reported cost overruns decreased by 10%.
  • Reduced time to completion – Cloud computing based software does a better job than desktop software of keeping projects moving with workflow triggers and data analysis. The report found that Project Managers who used cloud based software reported a shortening in project durations of 10%.

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