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Your business can be more successful when everyone is on the same page. Same-Page helps schedule events, manage projects, streamline document workflow, increase productivity and improve collaboration between clients, vendors and workers. Login from anywhere, on any device and get to work. Award winning eStudio has the cloud-based tools you need to keep your business on track.


Same-Page eStudio gets everybody together without expensive per-user license fees. Our subscription based online office software lowers IT costs and helps everyone innovate and communicate across your business ecosystem. Automated email notifications and text alerts drive work results. Efficiently schedule company appointments and use our webcam based online meetings software to help keep travel costs low.


Putting the eStudio intranet solution to work is a smart decision. eStudio is easy to manage - adding users takes seconds and creating discrete work teams is simple. Every work team has the freedom to decide which tools are essential for group collaboration. Setup is easy and group training is free. Spend less time managing your workflow and more time focusing on the work and improving the bottom line.

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Who Uses Our Project Scheduling And Document Management Software

"Your support is #1 and your software brought our company together from 8 locations in 3 states.
U Rule!"
"Great system, I really appreciate everything,
now our office is on the Same-Page."
"OMG. We are so better organized now!
Everyone is working together on projects."
"You saved the day, month, week & year!
Every feature is just what our team needed!"
"Excellent and very well-thought out program."
"Robust, easy to use, and highly customizable."

Simple + Robust Collaboration Solution

Studio is easy to manage - adding users takes seconds and creating discrete eTeams is simple. Each eTeam can decide which tools are essential for their group collaboration. Each user will see only what they have access to see. Less "admin" time means more time focusing on business matters and improving the bottom line.

Outstanding Customer Service

Not sure how to start? Give our customer support specialists a call at 1-877-765-2655 to get a free business needs analysis that will assist you and your team with setting up the most practical solution for how your business works. Have your users, clients or vendors call us or email us with questions at any time.

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